Herbs and Homeopathy


Safe Harbor has three articles on using homeopathy for mental health.

The top 9 herbs for mental health

Here is an article from Safe Harbor about using herbs for treatment of emotional and mental states

Examples of herbs selected in place of common prescription medicines –

Neurotransmitter Common diagnosis Rx Herb
GABA Anxiety Benzodiazepines Valerian, Hops
Norepinephrine Anxiety, sleep disorder,
depression, ADD
Tri-cyclics, Ritalin St. John’s Wort
Serotonin Depression, anxiety SSRIs St. John’s Wort
Beta endorphins Mood, sleep, and pain dis-orders Opiate narcotics SJW, California Poppy, Kava,
Nutmeg, Borage, Lotus oil
Acetylcholine Memory impairment, ADD Ginkgo
Histamine Sleep, appetite, and immune dis-orders Antihistamines, Haldol, Elavil Khella, nettle
Excerpted from an article by
David Overton, PA-C, The Herbalist, 1997.