Podcast- Let’s Talk Withdrawal

I was recently interviewed for the “Let’s Talk Withdrawal” podcast, hosted by the delightful James Moore. On this episode, I discuss my experience in the mental health system, and why I choose an alternative approach to mental health. In addition, I talk about several natural things you can do if you are attempting to withdrawal from pharmaceutical medications.

This podcast is available on iTunes, or you can click here to listen to episode 26.

Here is a partial listener review of the podcast (The Power of Truth ★★★★★ in iTunes by Martyacls17 from UK on April 2, 2017): “James Moore runs the “Let’s Talk Withdrawal Podcast” like a professional journalist. Articulate and precise he adds a welcome clarity to a topic area filled with mistruths. These myths have been fueled by doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, such as, “these pills are like insulin for a diabetic”, “you have a chemical imbalance”, “you will need these drugs for the rest of your life”, “it is not withdrawal it is the return of your original condition”. Psychiatry does not have a good track record in history and James is able to expose its many problem in the present day. You can be in a minority of one but still speak the truth. If you have been damaged by psychiatric drugs you will probably know what it feels like to be told you are delusional about your condition and that it cannot be the drugs causing the symptoms. You will also know the deep sadness of people continuing to be hurt by these drugs, despite the activism work taking place throughout the world. Prescriptions for antidepressants continue to rise in the UK and in the USA. It is therefore no surprise that disability continues to rise in these countries in direct correlation with the rise in antidepressant prescriptions.

Do you have helpful tips for people who are experiencing withdrawal? Please leave a comment below so that others may benefit. Thank you!

One comment

  1. I do not want to be coerced into taking brain altering drugs, to me it is the idea of a monomaniac to be constantly held to a forced medical model “take your pills, or…”, one which does not have a clear recovery record: so many still commit suicide.


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